Here's How it Works:


The school is committed to stretching to meet the needs of families. At the same time, the school must also be fiscally responsible to meet its own needs and cover basic operating costs. This includes the cost of sufficiently staffing our programs. For this reason, tuition adjustments for the early years programs are subject to the following conditions:

  • Tuition adjustments are not available in our Licensed Care programs unless both parents are working or in school (full-time) and there is no other appropriate caregiver for the child(ren). 

How to Apply

  1. Begin the process by indicating on your tuition agreement that you will be applying for a fee adjustment.
  2. The business office will contact you to arrange for electronic submission of your ATP application.
    • You must complete a budget worksheet for your household.
    • You must provide the following supporting financial documents including, but not limited to:
      1. Recent paystub(s)
      2. Canada Child Tax Benefit, GST/HST Benefit and Ontario Trillium Benefit data
      3. Your most recent Notice of Assessment
      4. For self-employed individuals: your most recently completed tax return
  3. After your budget worksheet and supporting documents have been reviewed, you will be contacted to schedule a conversation. This conversation will be between the applicant(s) and two of our ATP Committee members. The purpose of the conversation is to create a conscious and consensual agreement in which both the school’s needs and your family’s needs are met. If an agreement is reached, an amended Tuition Agreement is signed.

New Families

If you are new to the school, the ATP process is initiated once a student has been accepted to the school and a tuition agreement has been signed. This process may take several weeks. The fee adjustment conversation must take place and the contract must be finalized before the student joins the class.  For more information regarding how to start an application, please refer to our Admissions Process.

ATP and Confidentiality

The ATP Committee has developed a confidentiality policy that is reviewed regularly. The Business Office and members of the ATP Committee undertake to keep all information, including the fact that you have applied, in the strictest confidence. Please note that we require that you keep the details of your tuition conversation and the resulting adjustment in the strictest confidence as well. 

The ATP Committee has a Liaison who can be contacted in the event of a concern regarding your ATP experience.

Donations & ATP 

It is expected that every family contribute as much as they can to the school. From time to time, families will be able to contribute more in any given month than their adjusted monthly payment without requiring a new tuition conversation.

Donations to the school are most welcome. Please note that government regulations prevent us from issuing you a charitable tax receipt for this donation until the full fee level has been reached.

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