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Before and After School Program:

Questions & Concerns

Click HERE to find out who to contact with questions or concerns.


BigSIS Parent Portal

Click HERE to access the password-protected parent portal.

On the portal, you can update you and your family’s address, phone numbers, and contact information, emergency contact information as well as completing required forms upon request.

If you do not yet have a user name and password, you can call the office or email [email protected] to get one set up.


Parent Resource Guide

Parent Resource Guide

Our Parent Resource Guide is where you can find details about the daily practical working of the school, and will also give some idea of the many aspects and scope of the school’s community.

Read the updated 2023-24 school year guide HERE.



Parent Handbook

Licensed Childcare Centre Parent Handbook

Our Licensed Childcare Centre Parent Handbook is aimed to provide you with everything you might want to know about our programs and information that you will need to get started here with us.

Please read through the handbook carefully, as it provides information around our program, philosophy, and safety policies.

Before & After School Program

Before & After School Program

Children spend time outside, rain or shine, and also inside under the care of our Before and After Care Providers. Games and activities are available. Children must be attending school that day to be eligible for the program.

Illness & Accident Policy K-8

Full details can be reviewed HERE.

Waldorf Resources

Waldorf Education is the fastest growing non-sectarian educational movement in the world with over 1,000 schools in 83 countries.

As a parent of a Waldorf student you may often be asked about the pedagogy, the school and the curriculum. We have compiled some wonderful resources for parents to learn more about the education as well as to share with others who are interested in your child’s education.

  • Our Parent Lending Library has a number of books on Waldorf Education including:
  • Understanding Waldorf Education: Teaching from the Inside Out. Jack Petrash. Beltsville, MD: Gryphon House, 2002.
  • Waldorf Education: A Family Guide. Edited by Pamela J. Fenner. Amesbury, MA: Michaelmas Press, 1999.
  • School As a Journey: The Eight-Year Odyssey of a Waldorf Teacher and His Class. Torin M. Finser. Great Barrington, MA: Steiner Books, 1995.
  • The “Our School” section of our website.
  • The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America FAQ page has answers to common questions about Waldorf Education.