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Accessible Tuition Program

“We believe in education as a force for social change.”

London Waldorf School is committed to making Waldorf education accessible to all families.  We demonstrate our commitment through our Accessible Tuition Program (ATP).

ATP is a community supported process that aids in cultivating a positive and conscious relationship with our collective resources. The primary aim of this program is to ensure that the acceptance of a child into our school does not depend solely on the financial resources of the family.  For families that make Waldorf education a priority in their lives, this unique process results in an adjustment of tuition fees according to a family’s household resources. Based on this same principle, families who are able to, contribute more than full tuition fees.

Accordingly, we ask all families to give their personal finances very thorough consideration. Then, we sit down with you and together create a conscious consensual agreement in which the school’s needs and your family’s goals are met.

If you need assistance, you are not alone; about 30% of our current families receive an adjustment on their tuition.

Special Notes for Kindergarten & Licensed Day Care Program

The school is committed to stretching to meet the needs of families.  At the same time, the school must also be fiscally responsible to meet its own needs and cover basic operating costs. This includes the cost of adding assistants to the kindergarten should the teacher/child ratio require us to do so. For this reason, tuition adjustment for the early years programs is subject to the following conditions:

Generally, tuition adjustment through the ATP program is not available for lunchtime and/or afternoon care unless both parents are working or in school (full-time) and there is no other appropriate caregiver for the child(ren). 

If there is a stay-at-home caregiver, tuition adjustment is not available for children who are not 4 years old by December 31st. 

ATP and Confidentiality

The ATP Committee has developed a confidentiality policy that is reviewed regularly.  The Business Office and Members of the ATP Committee undertake to keep all information, including the fact that you have applied, in strictest confidence.  Please note that we require that you keep the details of your tuition conversation and the resulting adjustment in strictest confidence as well.  We specifically ask that you not share this information with your child’s teacher or any other faculty members.

Should a concern arise, the Business Manager and ATP Conversationalists will continue to work in confidence with the family. However, if the ATP program is abused or not respected then a discussion with the teachers may be held to determine whether the school as a whole can continue to hold that particular family. During this discussion, the situation that has arisen will be shared with the faculty.

The ATP Committee has a Liaison that can be contacted in the event of a concern regarding your ATP experience.

Mid-Year Enrolment

If you are enrolling your child in the school mid-year, you have 14 calendar days to complete the ATP application after you are informed that the faculty have accepted your child(ren). 

We will endeavour to schedule your tuition adjustment conversation quickly so that your child(ren) can start as soon as possible. Children are permitted to visit in the classroom for two days, either before or after they have been formally accepted, but cannot continue until a tuition agreement has been signed and payment arrangements are in place.

Donations to the School and the ATP program

It is expected that every family contribute as much as they can to the school.  From time to time, families will be able to contribute more in any given month than their adjusted monthly payment without requiring a new tuition conversation. 

Donations to the school are most welcome. Please note that government regulations prevent us from issuing you a charitable tax receipt for this donation until the full fee level has been reached.