The Early Years

Magical Discovery

Early childhood is a period of magical discovery — learning movement, play, friendship and love. The child begins to flourish independently, developing rhythms and discovering the beauty of language.

Play is the work of childhood. Our homelike environment is carefully prepared for the developmental needs of the young child. Warm, nurturing, inviting and intentionally filled with beautiful, natural elements including pieces of wood, seashells, beeswax for modeling and handcrafted dolls and toys to encourage children to create, imagine and wonder.

Taught by Waldorf teachers specifically trained in early childhood education, our programming nurtures and protects the young child’s sense of wonder and imagination. They learn how to cut fruit for sharing and roll dough for baking fresh bread, and how to finger-knit, a practice that develops fine motor skills and teaches them how to recognize mathematical patterns.

Gross and fine motor skills, oral and receptive language, musical gifts, social awareness, love for the natural world and the beginnings of self-care abilities are some of the skill sets that the young children learn as they play and work amongst respectful and observant teachers.


Our Early Years program offerings change from year to year. We encourage you to inquire about your program of interest!

For the 2024 – 2025 school year, we will be offering mixed age programs for Preschool and Kindergarten age children.

Parent & Child

Parent & Child


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