Weather Policies

London Waldorf School Weather Policies

Extreme Weather

We receive the Middlesex London Health Unit’s Weather Alerts and, using our wind chill and humidex sensor and thermometer, carefully monitor the conditions on our relatively sheltered school grounds. An indoor recess is called if it is -17°C or colder with the wind chill factor, if there are thunderstorms or heavy rain, or if there are extremely icy conditions on the playground. If it is 31°C or 40°C with the humidex factor or warmer for two consecutive days, the MLHU issues a heat warning.  At such times, we limit our time outdoors.

School Closing Due to Weather

When LWS is subject to inclement winter weather conditions, a decision may be made to close the school.

How is the decision made?

At the forefront of the decision on whether to close the school is the ability for the LWS community to get to and from school safely.

The normal process is to assess conditions based on the status of London Transit operations, the conditions of primary/main City roads and snow clearance, and Environment Canada reports for London.

If City roads are passable, if London Transit is operational, and if weather conditions are not expected to change significantly through the course of the day, we will remain open.  This decision will be made by 7 am.

How is it communicated?

Once a decision to close the school has been made, the school website and the phone message are updated, the teachers are called, and an email is sent to parents and faculty.

Parents and faculty can visit the LWS website at for operating notices.

What happens if weather worsens during the day?

If weather worsens considerably during the day and we feel the school needs to be closed, we will call parents and emergency contacts to request that they pick up their child. We will ensure that enough staff remain on site to adequately care for children who are unable to be picked up before 5:30 pm.

When LWS does not close in inclement winter weather

Weather conditions can sometimes be intimidating even though LWS does not close. Families and teachers who live at some distance from the school can be particularly affected.  Parents and faculty are reminded that they are responsible for determining when weather conditions might make their route unsafe for travel.

In situations where the school is open and faculty feel they cannot report to work or will be late for work because of inclement weather conditions, they should contact the office and the Department Chair as soon as possible. Other teachers will take the students from that class until the teacher or a supply teacher arrives.