Board of Directors

As a non-profit corporation and registered charity, London Waldorf School has a Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the short and long-term strategic advancement of the mission and values of our school.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the effective governance of the school and works strategically to foster its legal and
financial health. The role of the Board extends to creating an environment conducive to recruiting and retaining a strong
faculty complement to serve the children in their care. Because Waldorf schools have a strong social mission, the Board also
works to identify ways of growing the school such that a Waldorf education is accessible to all those who value it. The
Board’s role is to be the bridge between the aspirational and the practical in support of the school’s mission.

Board of Directors

Anna Bowness


Arielle Guterman


Charles Lewis

Property Committee Co-Chair

David Billson


Dean Nelson

ATP Committee Chair

Eric Janssen

Fundraising Committee Chair
Imke Jorgensen

Imke Jorgensen

Faculty Chair

Kathleen Schreurs


Kristen Wise

Director Administration & Finance

Sumeet Khullar

Treasurer, Property Committee Co-Chai